The development of the land market in Kiev region

As experts say the real estate market, growth land prices in the Kiev region , which was due to increased demand, "started" as early as 2001. stated reasons for this are many, but has become a major high cost of urban housing. However, secondary factors are also important, and its over time they may become paramount. Thus, for example, can not be underestimated the profitability of investments in land (about this, we still talk below) and prestige residence outside the city (this, in turn, contributes to improving infrastructure in the area). Another reason is closely echoes the core - for many acquisition of land for construction, is a real chance to significantly improve their living conditions.

What if you consider purchasing the land only as a profitable investment? Given the fact that the master plan for development of Kiev until 2020 implies that the capital could rise by 11 new areas, it likely is it that you bought the land will be located in the suburbs are no longer, but on the outskirts of the town. Naturally, that in this case, bought plot can add substantially in price.

By the way, stands and talk about prices. Take for analysis, for example, demanded among buyers Kiev-Svyatoshinsky District . By the way, celebrate and causes that had made the region stable demand: proximity to the capital, good access roads, the availability of all communications and infrastructure. Actually, all these criteria, supplemented by interest of investors, and form jumps in prices that have been observed: thus, in 2004 the price of land rose, on average, at 2.2 times, in 2005 - 1.8 times. The average cost of 0.01 hectares for the same in 2005 for land with different target was the appointment of 2500-7000 dollars. At the same time, according to the latest figures professionals real estate market, the value of one hundredth part of land in the area of 10095 dollars. Results of price jumps, as the saying goes, there is.

A similar situation exists in several other areas: Obuhovsky and Borispolskom. Even some ambiguity Obuhovskyarea associated with the presence in the area as a very attractive sites, and those that prelschayut attention of buyers only through more or less low-cost, did not prevent him to demonstrate a serious increase in prices. Thus, according to data for 2005, the average cost of 0.01 hectares in the area, was the order of 3000-4000 dollars. Today, information on June 1, 2008, the price of one hundredth part of land in the area is fixed at the level of 7915 dollars. Not behind us and mentioned Borispolsky district: in 2004 the price of land rose here 2 times in 2005 - nearly 1.5. Thus, the value of one hundredth part in 2005 amounted to U.S. $2500-7000. Such price variation can be explained by the same shortage of sites with good landscape characteristics. Nonetheless, to date, the value of one hundredth part of land was already 6513 dollars.

Regarding projections for the future, then we can speak with confidence that prices in the next few years is not slow their growth. Even in areas where remains are not a lot of attractive land (as, for example, Borispolsky), The price jumps are more than significant. In doing so, we cannot say that the land market is already sufficiently developed - the problems associated with selling private farms land and some other issues still are taking place to be.


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