Who will own land? Europe? Ukraine?

In Ukraine has not yet emerged land market, in a civilized notion that definition, but the European Bank for Development and rekonstrutsii still willing to lend to land on bail . This became apparent after the assembly Governing EBRD in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

assembly main conclusion is that nesformirovannost land real estate market - Ukraines main obstacle on the road of reform. Well, actually It is not news - such opinion was expressed earlier, the EBRD has long awaited lifting of the moratorium on privatization of agricultural land - it should culminate in the adoption of the Law "On land registry" and the "land market", the issue only when that happens. < br />
Against the backdrop of the coming food crisis, Ukrainian land - the best black earth in the world - in the eyes of Europe has become a strategic target for investment. Earlier this little focus, but now the process of growing.

Even without accurate data on the timing of lifting the moratorium, the Bank opened a credit liniiyu of 75 million dollars for one of Ukrainian banks, not so long ago purchased one of the major European holdingov.Eti money intended, first and foremost for credits on bail of land - while 55% outside Kiev. Such trends can be explained only certainty financiers in the early lifting of the moratorium. Indirect bonds scheme - one of the species gain full control over land.

I question already face of who will own the land - the local elite, or foreign. The war for land has only just begun.

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