Life outside the city - whether it is justified?

Life outside the city today attracts more people. And many, buying land for the construction of private homes and ancestral manor. Positive moments of such solutions are obvious - landscapes, adorable, ecology , The lack of urban bustle and noise. And even if the road to Kiev and takes less than half an hour, then alternatives such housing is difficult to find. It remains only to choose a plot of land for development projects.

If you have not accumulated is a very large sum for the purchase of track, it is best to begin his search here. You can also view ads, offers in newspapers, magazines. Samoe essential that final results on selection of the desired plot were positive. Now you consult with a lawyer , to make all the necessary documents and to conclude a sales sales.

The most popular collectable and, to date, are the sections in 50 - ty kilometre zone from Kiev.

In such areas as the Kiev region : Baryshevsky , Belotserkovsky , Borispolskiy , Borodyansky, Brovary, Vasilkovsky, Vyshgorodsky, Kagarlytsky, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky, Makarovsky , Obuhovsky, Fastovsky price of land varies from 500 to 10000 dollars a hundredth part. Such value of land is justified, because this really is a long-term and profitable investment.

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