Investing in the land of Ukraine - whether that promise?

I think, not worth repeating capital truths that the most reliable investment in real estate have always been, of one kind or another. And what could be more "real" than the land? Not seeing with the space point of view, of course Accordingly, should not affect disasters - natural or political - of your property does not threaten anything - steal, walk, it would not be able at all desire - if the documents are designed properly way, there really is consult with specialists on land issues.

Well, yes this is something we are exiting from the topic. Lets look at the land market in Ukraine through the prism of time. Rates are increasing every year, a few years ago, and nobody could not imagine that level of the value of land. Although its not strictly true &ndash Many people have the foresight then made a bet on this market segment and is not lost, as you yourself can understand.

What we have at this moment? Highest political business elite (in Ukrainian) having a hand in virtually everything, which was able to reach out - businesses remained unsold units, almost all that remains divided? Correctly - land. For that erupted, in the true sense of the word, war. Yarky to figure - snap elections mayor of Kiev . Nobody has the slightest doubt that the reason for this - Kiev land, as orphan sort of - if residents do not consider themselves Kiev (which often kostmi borne by the protection of childrens playgrounds, parks) Price crossed any reasonable limits -- demand rise proposal. Massovo buy up land around Kiev

Look to the Future - Kiev does not cease to be the capital, but the land all those wishing certainly not enough. What will happen next? A further cash flows "prorvet" in the region - any rise in land price multiplied - the current price does not limit. And this rule is applicable to virtually any major city ...

What we can be concluded? In my opinion, it is obvious. Buying land in the Kiev region by definition not may be unprofitable, it is contrary to all current realities. I do not rastyanetsya return for the decade - doubt that through the years, Price 5, you can buy for the present at least a third of the amount of the proposed sites at the moment.

you decide.

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