Life in Kiev ... Buy land - this way?

Life in Kiev, Ukraine In capital. This prestigious, moreover -- brings with it financial independence, as the main cash flows intersect in here and if you managed to find its niche - everything seems not so bad.
But look at it on the other hand - industrial enterprises in the city, constantly growing number of vehicles, such as personal use, and utilities. constantly growing population. What happens after 5 years Price? Price 10? Think about it - now the air is so bad that leaving on nature, you can feel a slight dizziness - from normal. Ridiculous? Yes not very When the last time you saw a star? In Kiev them anymore Moving at 50 - 100 km, we wonder sky. But the fact that they are closed in the city, settles in the lungs - we and our children. The water from the aqueduct is suitable only for technical purposes - recognize that even experts, medical workers did not advise her that it does not drink, but even wash. Not long ago I for a week, held over 130 kilometres from Kiev, came naturally adopted the bathroom - two of the day I could not wear contact lenses, a person went spotted Then again accustomed.

Well that is all the lyrics, the issue is not that all bad, but as you can spare themselves and their children, at least in part. Moving from town some times a year away from the megapolis, we are somewhat reduce the negative effects, but what do the remaining 11 months? Those people who have a chalet sites, with houses - let simple, they can escape, and You?
Do you have money, there is a car - not whether to think, unless that is constantly live outside the city, but at least on weekends. You can buy ready-house, but all can take control . That is to buy land in the Kiev region and building your own house from scratch. Let you think - half an hour away and you reduce the risk of disease by 80% - again, according to medics, the percentage of disease due to the ecology of cities. You can forget on their health, but whether the right to forget about children? And they will have an order of magnitude worse

Company UKR.RESOURCES offers precisely such opportunity - with our help you can pick plot of land for development projects in accordance with your requirements at affordable prices - for we do not goni super, we need constant and satisfied customers not even clients - partners, is more suited to the style of our organization. Do not forget - land prices steadily rising and investing money in any case, be justified and will return to you storitsey , In the event of further land sales.

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