Construction of individual housing is becoming more popular

Since 2006, per square meter race in new capital gradually decreases. According to social poll, 61% of Ukrainian citizens prefer live in a country house. cottage or a private home has already been adopted as a permanent residence. There is fierce competition sites that only into the hands of the consumer: quality houses getting better, but offers - diverse.
According to our records, in the coming years , The demand for private houses and private houses in Ukraine will only increase. So your house built today, can become not only the embodiment of a long dream, but very profitable investment.
little bit about the benefits of his country house.
First , it is independence, the absence of jams on the roads and polluted air, the existence of a unified development plan, guaranteeing that next to your home will not appear suddenly industrial facility.
Secondly , his house -- is freedom of choice. If the possibility of re-rise apartments in the house severely restricted, then your house can be initially acquire or build individual project.
The third , it is an opportunity every day to feel the beauty of nature at rest - with a hammock under a tree, fuming grill, breakfast or dinner in the open air.
Finally, it is taken into account That the boundary between the city and the area has gradually become blurred and will soon be inhabits the middle class suburbs, housed in their own cottages, mansions and estates, as happened in Europe and the United States even half a century ago.

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