Jack-sweat. Risk or super?

By virtue of extending the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, investment prospect of Ukraine looks very vaguely. Ukraine is losing investors in favour of countries in eastern Europe, where beginning to realize projects that are not we were able to materialize. extremely high risks.
The unstable political situation and a section of powers between the major players, contributes to the prosperity of "grey" land market.
talk about the market value of agricultural land, due to the lack of legal market Traffic is difficult. Rates dictated by small speculators who engaged in the sale and change of purpose.
Based on an analysis of the market, the price of land rising in arithmetic progression with the emergence of each new mediator between the owner and buyer.
It is projected that this year the value of land in the secondary market may increase by half. Since the beginning of a new season of construction, land prices could rise by 20-25%.

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