"In pursuit of land prices"

To date, the price of land in the metropolitan region overstated, at least one and a half times. Artificial consumer excitement for land gradually decreases. limit of price exceeded all reasonable limits. All and who wanted to buy land, have already done so. The current price is too high, so demand measurements, have given way to expectations of lifting the moratorium. However, at this time, the Verkhovna Rada did not adopt any law concerning the streamlining of the land market.
This situation, which resulted in an outflow of Ukrainian and foreign investors. Moreover, through such an imbalance, Kiev region has already lost several interesting major projects.
Also, oil add to the fire "entrepreneurs", which deliberately spreading rumour about zaoblachnyh prices of plots, while promising to buy them even more expensive. As a result, owners fall into the trap of information, denied the right to an independent market analysis and choice more realistic proposals. As a result, A virtual land prices rising, as demand falls.
What will happen with the owners of land in the near future? When the price of lifting the moratorium stations will begin to fall, and owners will have to set his aspirations. "Entrepreneurs" refuse to fulfil their promises, referring to the dynamics of decline in prices. Plata for the lease of land (outside the settlements) in 2008 will increase by 5 times. And as a result of the Ukrainian village again be betrayed.
But we are patient because ...

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