The market is right to exchange private financial assets.

Market exchange is the right of private financial assets, and freedom here choice - the highest market value.

" Without real socio-economic reforms, this prospect is sufficiently vague as whether it would be a civilized land market, is directly dependent on "civility" the judiciary, public administration, tax system, etc. Currently Ukraine is far from civilized relations in these fields, respectively, and no illusions about the civility of land market "
The most desirable from the standpoint of the interests of the state and citizens of Ukraine would be to ensure the formation of an integrated market structure lands prior to the completion of the stay, by passing laws: "On non-agricultural land market destination", "Singularities turnover of agricultural land" and "On state land registry".
; also want to point out that this year for owners of plots of land tax rate will increase fivefold. Not rated stations will be subject to in accordance with the Law "On board for the land". The rate of tax to land depends on the population in a given locality.
Thus, Ukraine is losing investors in favor of Russia, Baltics and Kazakhstan, because investment projects, which initially should have been implemented in Ukraine, are beginning to be implemented in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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