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We quickly and professionally provide services in the field of information, documentary and legal transactions;

We are acting within the framework of Ukrainian legislation;

We buy and sell prices for real;

We are accurate and reliable in the calculations with our clients and partners.

We attach great importance to building and strengthening the reputation of our company and act on the basis of concerns about it.


Among citizens who received certificates land (share), only 53% work in the agricultural sphere, represent a significant portion of those pension and before retirement age. In general, active part owners of certificates of land (share) up to 50 years, potential owners of private farms, does not exceed 20-25%, that is 1,2-1,5 million people.
Some rural residents-owners of certificates of land (unit) owns it, and some - moves of permanent residence in another locality, in other countries. Part wants to hold a calm old age and have the appropriate material security. Part is not willing to work on the ground and not be granted rent. Many who want to increase their land, purchased at another location or number, etc.. In life there are many cases where people solve their problems himself, including through the disposition of property, particularly land.

About Prohibition

Prevent Trafficking free agricultural land would mean blocking the creation of large, competitive market-type farms.
One of the main negative factors ban the free traffic of certificates of land (share) was a decline in investment attractiveness of Ukraine agricultural economy, associated with increased risk investments.

About Restrictions

Setting at a low level (up to 100 hectares) limit the size of the agricultural land that can be owned by citizens and legal persons of Ukraine, contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine, not in the essence of the land market relations, economically unjustified. We believe that the size of private ownership of agricultural land, depending on the natural and agricultural conditions can be regulated by economic means, in particular the application of progressive taxation area of land that exceed standard dimensions.

About moratorium

We are adherents of lifting the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, and we support the President of Ukraine that Ukraine needed a civilized land market. Land should become a commodity market, it is a necessary condition for attracting investment in agro-industries.
We advocate that the land owner can intelligently and freely dispose of their land. Land must find effective investor, but to date about the performance was too early to say, since all potential investors are not protected at the legislative level.
We are confident that the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of land Farming is possible after careful preparation and adoption of the laws "On public land registry" and "On the market of agricultural land"

About prospect

Effective development of agriculture economy;
Guaranteeing economic entities of the protection of property rights to land, and the right to freely own, use and dispose of the land;
Economic growth through a more efficient use of land resources;
Improving the effectiveness of the protection of land from the state;
Increase level of investment;
Development organized domestic agricultural market;
Significant increase in revenue to the state budget.