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Company history

UKR.RESURS company established in March 2007. This time, intensifying the land market in Ukraine, the time when it was necessary to take serious action - to work on the old or go to a new, more quality work. We chose quality.

Rapid Sea real estate Ukraine characteristic fast current and many pitfalls. Literate approach to business, coupled with a successful strategy enabled the company command in a short time to take a niche in the land market in Ukraine.

Our energy - a team of experienced professionals and proactive managers, experts and analysts, strategists and negotiators, ready to bear the risks at the stage of initiating the project, working in motivation and highly effective system of partnership.

The legality, honesty and openness as the credo of the company, give us the opportunity to be an active participant in the formation of a civilized land market. The technologies used by us, provide speed and reliability of the information accompanying services and legal nature.

Step in the legislation guarantees the accuracy and reliability of their calculations with our customers and partners.

We are going to write the history of our company together with you. The history of achievements and professionalism, the level of which grows with each solution of the problem.