New Arrivals:
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# Town Neighborhood Volume, ha Designated Purpose Kilometres from Kiev Value *
#1520 Kolonschina Makarovsky 0.1 pod zastroyku 28 750
#1553 Osykovo Makarovsky 0.1 pod zastroyku 28 600
#1678 Zabir`e Kievo-Svyatoshinsky 0.15 pod zastroyku 25 2000
#1677 Bobritsa Kievo-Svyatoshinsky 0.45 pod zastroyku 25 2500
#1671 Gnatovka Kievo-Svyatoshinsky 0.31 Pod stroitel`stvo 15 2100
#1243 Bykovnya Kiev 0.1 Stroitel`stvo 0 5500
#1016 Po trasse Vasil`kovsky 4.5 prom.zona 15 0
#1174 Mirotskoe Kievo-Svyatoshinsky 18 Private farms 16 550
#1672 Petrovskoe Borispol`sky 0.15 Pod stroitel`stvo 17 2200
#1124 Mar`yanovka Makarovsky 0.1 pod zastroyku 27 1200
#1676 Krasilovka Brovarskoy 1.5 Pod stroitel`stvo 20 1200
#1656 Kalinovka Brovarskoy 24 promzona 15 2000
#1638 Podgortsi Obuhovsky 5 Stroitel`stvo 20 6000
#1430 Podgortsi Borispol`sky 0.1 Pod stroitel`stvo 15 3000
#1432 Podgortsi Obuhovsky 0.25 Pod stroitel`stvo 20 3000
#1675 Krasilovka Brovarskoy 10 For building 20 700
#1674 Ivankov Ivankovsky 7.3 prom.zona 65 500000
#1673 Novoselki Makarovsky 0.2 pod zastroyku 30 1200
#1670 s. Luchistoe Alushtinsky 6 Zastroyka 850 7350
#1192 Borispol` Borispol`sky 0.1 Zastroyka 20 2800
* Prices are marked in notional unit, for the 100m2

As experts say the real estate market, growth land prices in the Kiev region , which was due to increased demand, "started" as early as 2001. stated reasons for this are many, but has become a major high cost of urban housing. However, secondary factors are also important, and its over time they may become paramount. Thus, for example, can not be underestimated the profitability...
In Ukraine has not yet emerged land market, in a civilized notion that definition, but the European Bank for Development and rekonstrutsii still willing to lend to land on bail . This became apparent after the assembly Governing EBRD in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. assembly main conclusion is that nesformirovannost land real estate market - Ukraines main obstacle on the road...
Life outside the city today attracts more people. And many, buying land for the construction of private homes and ancestral manor. Positive moments of such solutions are obvious - landscapes, adorable, ecology , The lack of urban bustle and noise. And even if the road to Kiev and takes less than half an hour, then alternatives such housing is difficult to find. It remains only...
I think, not worth repeating capital truths that the most reliable investment in real estate have always been, of one kind or another. And what could be more "real" than the land? Not seeing with the space point of view, of course Accordingly, should not affect disasters - natural or political - of your property does not threaten anything - steal, walk, it would not be able at...
Since 2006, per square meter race in new capital gradually decreases. According to social poll, 61% of Ukrainian citizens prefer live in a country house. cottage or a private home has already been adopted as a permanent residence. There is fierce competition sites that only into the hands of the consumer: quality houses getting better, but offers - diverse. According to our records,...